Quality Guaranteed

AIBEI Doll Guarantee

AIBEI DOLL Guarantees that if there is a mistake in your order or a significant defect with your sex doll, we will compensate, assist you in repairing, or completely replace your doll at no cost to you.  “If it’s not right, we’ll make it right!” is our professional guarantee to you! We ensure you get what you have ordered because we are here to make your desires well satisfied.

How are you able to give a guarantee?

AIBEI DOLL is one of the largest sex doll manufacturers and exporters of high-quality realistic sex dolls in China. We work hard to make sure you get what you deserve as the best is what you deserve. Our diligence in inspection for quality and accuracy before every doll leaves the factory cuts mistakes and defects to nearly zero. Plus we can ensure very little details that you may have specially requested are taken care of.

AibeiGirls places great importance on the high-quality and expert craftsmanship of our TPE love dolls. We intend for them to stimulate your mind and body and provide you with pleasure and companionship for years to come. We have high standards and will settle for nothing but the best for you! You are our valued customer and we do everything possible to ensure your doll, as well as your entire experience with our realistic love dolls exceeds your expectations.

Will I get this guarantee from another love doll seller?

No other company in the sex doll industry will offer you this guarantee and level of protection because it’s not required by law. Inferior sex doll shops will tell you that due to the nature of the product returns are not accepted

How does the guarantee work?

  1. Inspect your love doll from head to toe as soon as possible after her arrival.
  2. If you find there is a mistake in your order or a significant defect in your love doll, report it to us within 48 hours upon receipt at aibeigirls@hotmail.comwith your order number, well-lit, good quality photographs and/or video that supports your claim along with the details of the issue. We will respond within 24 business hours, and we’ll take it from there.
  3. If you feel a replacement may be in order, do not use your doll.  Keep her in a new and unused condition, with the box and all the packing materials.  We can not return anything that has been used (and they are tested upon return, so we’ll know).

Are there any conditions that will VOID the guarantee?

For an exchange, your doll must be returned in brand new condition, in the original packaging and must be not used. Unfortunately, if you’ve had any sexual contact with her, we can no longer exchange her. However, we will still do everything we can to make the issue right for you.

Does the guarantee include the make-up?

 We provide custom makeup so that our customers can receive their doll looking as close to the photographs as possible, right out of the box.  Semi-permanent make-up is done free of charge and provided as a courtesy for our customers.

Every effort is made by our make-up artists to re-create the make-up done by the photographer during the photo session, however, it is not guaranteed to match 100%. You will most likely be very happy with your doll’s makeup, but in the rare event that you don’t like it, you can simply remove it with mineral oil (being very careful to avoid eyebrows) and are free to re-apply makeup to your personal preference.

What is not covered by the guarantee and why?

  • Minor skin imperfections – Please understand that each doll is handcrafted. Small imperfections on your doll’s skin can sometimes occur during the mold injection and un-molding process. These will generally be inconspicuous and we like to think of them more as unique ‘birthmarks’.
  • Loose fingernails – Fingernails and toenails are something else that we carefully inspect during our approval inspection to make sure they are glued well and cleanly.  However, nails can become loose. If a nail does become loose or falls off, use our lash and nail glue to re-attach it.
  • Loose eyelashes – Your doll is shipped with a protective eye mask to protect her delicate eyelashes. If an eyelash does come loose, use our lash & nail glue to reattach it.  
  • Suspicious damages – Your doll can be exchanged in new condition. If she has sustained damages that are deemed questionable and suspected to have been user-inflicted, that’s on you.
  • Negligence – If your doll sustains damage due to mishandling or lack of care, that’s on you and we’ll advise you on how to fix it.
  • Aesthetic differences of the semi-permanent make-up. – Please see the ‘Does the guarantee include make-up’ section above.
  • Dolls that have been sexually used. – Please see the ‘Are there any conditions that will VOID the guarantee’ section above.