About us

AIBEI DOll is among the best sex doll factories and is focused on premium sex dolls for both maximum satisfaction and affordable prices. We are also sex doll suppliers who specialize in the research, development and production of real life sex dolls. To be able to satisfy the growing market and close the gap between fake and low-quality sex dolls, we have a modern production workshop, technology and equipment that craft the dolls according to customers’ satisfaction and needs. If you are looking for any type of sexy realistic sex doll, then we have the right products for the satisfaction of your fantasies.

Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Besides, we have received EN71 and SET2017-18050, etc. In the face of fierce competition, the company system is constantly being improved, relying on science and technology, continuously improving the technology content of products sold, for society, customers and companies to create a higher market value.

Our craftsmanship is above the rest with our sex doll designers having combined different textures for the TPE sex dolls to obtain high-quality finished products. We also choose our materials from high-quality suppliers which in turn ensures a good finish and durable sexy real life sex doll. The TPE material we use is well-selected, smooth and durable at the same time allowing the skin of our realistic sex doll to have a texture like that of a normal human being. The TPE sex dolls can also be warmed or used in hot conditions without any wearing and tearing and therefore used for a longer period of time without any form of tearing or shading of color.

Manufacturing and Delivery of AIBEI Realistic Sex Dolls

All of our realistic sex dolls are made ready to order. After an order is received and payment is made in full, we begin crafting the doll based on your specific customization and requests. We do our best to create a love doll that is perfectly customized according to your needs.

Here is a breakdown of the process after an order is placed:

  1. Have the order details confirmed and agree on the type and shape.
  2. Receive order payment in full to start the crafting process.
  3. Process doll skeleton based on body type and shape.
  4. Engage in the assembling of the doll skeleton and the inner structure to offer flexible motions.
  5. Adjust the TPE material color to match the desired skin tone.
  6. Place the assembled doll skeleton in a molding box
  7. Implement our special “Soft Skin” technology in the required areas such as breasts and stomach
  8. Casting process to mold the shape of the real doll.
  9. Process of vulcanization.
  10. Process of injection after vulcanization.
  11. Apply paint and makeup according to the customer’s request.
  12. Complete the TPE doll’s final touches and clean the doll
  13. Carefully pack the doll in a protective box.
  14. Deliver the doll to the customer via UPS or arrange pickup from our Showroom

Why should you choose AIBEI Doll?

Unlike sex dolls from other sex doll manufacturers, Aibei has combined both artistic features and technology to come up with a perfect sex doll to satisfy all your needs both in and out of the bedroom. Some of these dolls can also be used as models and for photography and for advertisement too because the texture and features allow for that application.

We can provide all the TPE sex dolls you are looking for, whatever the heights, races and body shapes. We have our very own factory and are able to create sex dolls according to the requirements of our clients. We have been able to supply our sex dolls globally and our retailers always have positive feedback for our products.

Advantages of owning a realistic sex doll from AIBEI Doll

There has been flooding of sex dolls in the market in the recent past but unlike other dolls, we have a way of crafting the dolls to give you extra pleasure and combining the texture for a more human-like experience. The sexy sex doll will provide companionship to you and can be used in different temperatures. They are also suitable for some form of outdoor activities like photography and some form of acting.

The most important factor which has been able to save a number of marriages is with the realistic sex doll, couples would be able to satisfy their fantasies and with the sex doll, the fantasies can be well achieved without any form of pain. With that, couples will be well satisfied.

TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls: The major differences

Both materials have a feeling like real skin. TPE are easier to create, some nice sculptors and sexy sex dolls have been created from that. Realistic and feels more like a human. Silicone, however, can be used in heated environments without tearing apart.

Both TPE and silicone are waterproof and this is good for cases of spicing up your experiences with different positions and places like bathtubs and swimming pools. This flexibility ensures for better consumer experience.

The silicone and TPE ensure the selection of different sizes and shapes to ensure the customer gets a full experience and all his desires are satisfied. These materials have ensured that sexy sex model dolls give complete satisfaction. You can customize your product for a customized experience.

As a professional realistic sex doll manufacturer. Aibei is looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients all over the world in the near future. We will ensure all your desires are well taken care of and that we corporate with sex doll sellers to ensure the public gets the best quality sex dolls.