Help (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Questions

Are the dolls Realistic Sex Dolls?

These sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. The experience is more like having sex with a full-sized partner, but with the advantage of a full sized sex doll for a great body view of her during love making.

Are the sex dolls safe?

The realistic sex dolls are 100% safe. The materials used are health tested and the vaginal canals are safe without any sharp parts within the dolls that may hurt the user.

Are the sex dolls suitable for Anal and oral sex?

All Aibei love dolls are suitable for both anal and oral sex.

Are the real dolls water proof?

They are 100% water proof and will not absorb water. These are solid dolls made of TPE and silicone.

How do I warm the dolls without damaging them?

They can be warmed in a hot tub or heating blanket which will retain the heat for some time before getting to room temperature.

Are there customized sex dolls?

Yes, we will be working with the customer to ensure we are having all the requirements and the needs of the customers are well met.

How will I take care of the sex doll?

You will have to take care of the dolls just like a real woman. Use what is suitable for cleaning and lubing. Avoid dragging or biting off body parts. Do not force the joints to wrong direction.

How do I store them?

The best way to store is to lay her on her back with legs and arms slightly apart. Avoid laying heavy objects on her that may result to damage.

How do I clean the realistic sex dolls?

Clean before and after use. Keep in a well aerated storage bag without dust or foreign matter. Use mild soap and water then flash her vaginal canal each time after use appropriately.

How long will I wait before receiving the goods?

Usually you will only wait for 15 days before receiving the goods which will be discretely packed.