Aibei Girls is a known for the high quality and life like 148cm realistic sex dolls. Being a globally reliable sex doll manufacturer, we have been obliged to produce the best quality sex doll to ensure that the clients are well satisfied and that all the needs of the customers are put into consideration.

Our 148 cm sex doll series include AB148-001 and AB148-002 series which are more flexible and lightweight which makes them easy for storage.

The buyer has a choice of eye color, vagina type, pubic hair, finger and toe nails and so is the kind of feet. The flexibility and lightweight is what attracts people into the mini 148cm sex dolls especially for those who started to venture into the sex doll.

Our 148 cm sex doll are TPE which allows for a more human like feel and allows one to experience an out of the world sex positions which might be tricky at times. This will therefore enhance your personal experience with an additional usable mouth and tight vagina.

We also have well built metal skeleton to allow for a tough product. Additionally, we ensure the sex dolls have random sexy outfits to spice up your imagination and give you extra pleasure.

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